Do you feel like you’ve lost connection with your partner?

Are you dealing with issues that you just can’t seem to get past?

Are you struggling with conflict in your relationship?

You can break through the negative dynamic and feel close again.

Relationship Counselling

Ever Forward provides relationship counselling, giving you support to develop better communication, recognise strengths, value each other and approach difficulties together to drive meaningful change in your relationship.

No relationship is perfect. Let’s get that out of the way.

But that doesn’t mean you should suffer with a connection that isn’t fulfilling, satisfying and joyous. With the stresses of our everyday lives, work, illness, finances and infidelity, it’s easy to lose the spark you once had.

    At Ever Forward you will be:
  • Listened to and heard
  • Taught models for healthy communication
  • Introduced to positive conflict management techniques
  • Treated with respect at all times
  • Most importantly, we focus on having serious fun, so you can enjoy the process of mending and healing your relationship.

Relationship counselling provides support and guidance to recognise and resolve problems before they create damaging cracks. Feeling stuck in a cycle of hurt and anger is no way to live your life.

At Ever Forward you will be heard and understood, and supported towards the long, loving relationship dynamic you deserve.

Getting Started

Get to Know Your Counsellor

With our Introductory Package

Choosing to begin relationship counselling can be difficult. Many people wonder if they will feel comfortable enough to talk – or may be concerned that the counsellor will be looking to find fault with them. To ease you into the experience, we have an introductory package which gives you each a chance to meet with the counsellor individually, before meeting together to decide on your mutual goals for therapy.

The majority of relationship clients will meet with their counsellor for 3-6 sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and then will often follow up with less frequent sessions every month or two when they feel the need.

What we will talk about

While every relationship is different, I focus on five primary aspects of the relationship to help you build a life that works specifically for you:

  1. Understanding each other and building appreciation
  2. Creating a positive outlook of your relationship
  3. Finding joy and a sense of purpose – both as individuals in a relationship and as a unit.
  4. Dealing with conflict and difficult conversations in a productive, rather than destructive, manner.
  5. Planning for the future together with a sense of support and mutual respect
    Relationship counselling may help with:
  • Frequent arguments
  • Sexual incompatibility
  • Infidelity/affairs
  • Jealousy
  • Lack of trust
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Emotional hurt (inc. anger, hurt or disrespect)
  • Financial conflict

Diverse People, Diverse Relationships

Relationships come in a multitude of forms. When people decide to tie their lives together, it seems we sometimes expect that relationship will be less unique than the individuals in them.

Growing up in Australia, television always gave me the impression that a relationship was made up of two white people, one male and one female, who would fall in love, get married and have children who would then find their own partners to love and marry.

But not all relationships work this way.

Validating Your Relationship

Because you do you

Marriages might be arranged before a couple even meet. Some people have no interest in marriage or having children. Not all relationships begin with love, and might develop from a need for mutual security or convenience. Some relationships might include more than two people, either through ethical non-monogomy or polyamoury. Individuals within the relationships might be heterosexual, part of the lgb community, pansexual or asexual. People may be cisgendered, transgendered or binary non-conforming.

And yet while these differences might seem to add confusion to relationships today, with every client I get to be introduced to new perspectives on what a relationship is.

At Ever Forward, I approach every relationship as something unique, where individuals with distinct needs create a union with its own patterns, rules and nuances. From there we explore what it is that you need and find ways which feel comfortable for you to develop the kind of life that you want.

Our diversity is a strength, and I look forward to exploring your strengths with you.

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