Online Coursework in 2021

Over the course of the year, I will be releasing a number of online courses which will help you to work through issues independently or as an adjunct to your counselling sessions.

Below you will find some basic details of the courses which are coming. If you want to get in touch about any of this coursework, feel free to shoot through an email and I will be happy to either chat with you about them or put you on my mailing list so you get up to date information about release dates and access to early sign-up discounts.

Relationships: The Four Conversation Series.

The Four Conversation Series is a set of 3 four-week online courses working through some base concepts of relationships and ways in which you can make yours work better. Each unit is divided into four sections: Learning about yourself; Learning methods of communicating well; Sharing your learning in conversation together; and Reflecting on the week.

The three sequential courses are:

Unit 1: Understanding and appreciating yourself and your partner.

Unit 2: Having difficult conversations

Unit 3: Planning for the future as a powerful couple

The Four Conversation Series will be available from March 2021

Rewrite: The Story of You

Every day we tell stories. When we are introduced to new people, often we tell the same stories about ourselves to explain who we are. We often have a detailed and entrenched idea of our own ‘Character’ – often based on our limitations.

Rewrite is a four week online course where you start to edit the story that you tell yourself and others about who you are. Through structured writing exercises you will begin to re-examine what you have been telling yourself. You will flesh out your plot-lines to include more of your strengths, moments of resilience and development over time.

When we rewrite our stories, we reset our world. Start editing and get ready for the future.

Rewrite will be available from April 2021

Rewrite is designed to be the perfect preparation for our Resolve course. Pair these two courses to really get some active change happening in your life.

Resolve: Your In-Depth Life Plan

New Years Resolutions can be fantastic – at least for the week or two that we stick to them.

Resolve is a two week, focused course which gives you time to reflect on your recent past, examine areas of your life that you want to improve on and then come up with creative and sustainable ways to plan for your best year ever.

Better yet, you don’t have to wait for December 31st to do it.

Resolve will be available from May 2021

Resolve is a course in its own, but for some extra oomph, you can take the Rewrite course to really get your mind in gear.

Timebomb: Defusing the Anger

Timebomb is an anger management course designed for relationships where anger is causing difficulties.

In this course, you will come to understand what anger is, how it can be a positive force when it is under control and learn methods to diffuse anger in situations where it can be damaging.

Because this course is designed for people in a relationship, the course will examine ways that you can partner with your significant other to create open communication and supports to ensure that you stay on track.

Timebomb will be available from June 2021

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